We know that children develop rapidly during the first few years of life, brain development is no different. Parents often underestimate how much a child’s brain changes from year to year and how these changes can influence behaviour and social performance. Because the brain has a large effect on the growth, development and social performance of your child, it is important for parents to understand these developmental stages to better help their child overcome these hurdles. It is vital for parents to keep an eye out for these neurodevelopmental changes to rule out any neurological conditions or developmental delays that could be effecting your little one. Dr Koekemoer welcomes parents and caregivers to bring their child for an evaluation if neurodevelopment is questioned or a neurological disorder is suspected.

The development of a child’s brain is influenced by many factors including relationships, experiences and environment. Dr Koekemoer is able to guide parents in understanding their child’s brain development as well as diagnose and help you manage neurological conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety disorders.


By booking an appointment with Dr Koekemoer, you will be able to discuss concerns and your child’s symptoms. Once Dr Koekemoer has discussed these concerns and the medical history of your child and your family, as well as your child's current educational, social and psychological status, he should have an idea as to what tests need to be done in order to properly diagnose your child. He will then do a comprehensive exam of your baby or child’s health and do the necessary tests.

Dr Koekemoer will perform an evaluation of all the information (including school performance and reports) and then make a diagnosis of your child. He will then discuss the condition or issue with you in detail and educate you on the available treatment methods and their side effects. Depending on the diagnosis, your paediatrician will plan for future management of your child’s condition. Dr Koekemoer may refer you to an occupational therapist, play therapist or child psychologist as a treatment and management method for the neurodevelopmental concern that your child is currently facing.



1What foods are important for brain development?

Eggs, fish, vegetables, nuts, oats, beans and yoghurt are all considered important in brain development in children.

2What are symptoms of ADHD in children?

In children, ADHD most often presents as:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Inability to sit still
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Talking excessively
  • Fidgeting excessively
3What does treatment involve?

To treat ADHD, doctors use a combination of behavioural therapy and medicines. Treatment, however, is largely dependent on your child's needs.

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