During a general health check, Dr Koekemoer will do a head-to-toe assessment of your child, evaluate your child’s development, and focus on patient and parental education. General health check consultations are focused on immunization advice, growth, diet, sleep, behaviour, habits, environmental factors and discipline. You will also be informed on general developmental stages of your infant or child and what to expect during the next few weeks or months. These consultations are also for parents to discuss concerns and ask questions or advice regarding their baby or child’s wellbeing.


General health check consultation

These consultations are aimed at monitoring your child’s health, growth and development as well as discussing topics such as nutrition, diet, sleep, behaviours, habits and discipline. Informing parents on illnesses and vaccinations as well as giving answers where needed is also the aim of these general health checks.

During your child’s general health consultation with Dr Koekemoer, he will do a comprehensive check of your baby or child’s health and make sure there are no areas which may need special attention. Your child will be measured and weighed against growth charts, and advice will be given regarding immunizations as prevention of infectious diseases. Your baby or child’s neurodevelopment is evaluated to ensure that your child is developing normally. If your child is not reaching developmental milestones this may be an indication of underlying illness or abnormality which may need attention and treatment. Your child’s skin will be checked for issues such as cradle cap, thrush, acne, eczema, and nappy rash. Thereafter, physiological functioning will be analysed by your paediatrician with the help of mom and dad in terms of the child’s feeding, elimination, vomiting, sleeping patterns, crying habits and behaviour. From these answers, Dr Koekemoer will be able to know if any issues such as colic, teething, allergies or anxiety may be plaguing your child.



1How often should my child have a general check-up?

The frequency of general health checks for children will depend on their age and general health. Children younger than 2 years must be seen routinely by their paediatrician at the following milestones:

  • 6 weeks, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 12 Months and 18 Months

Older children generally see their paediatrician every few months or yearly, depending on their overall health.

2Can a general health check-up assess mental health?

A general health check does screen for emotional concerns, which can affect your child's development. If the primary concern is mental health, it is likely that a referral to a play therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist will be advised.

3What assessments are done?

Dr Koekemoer will assess growth and development by measuring weight, height and head circumference, assess eyesight, hearing, gross and fine motor functions and social interaction. If your child presents with any concerning symptoms, he may order further testing.

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