The birth of a baby is a wonderful yet complex process. All your baby’s bodily functions now have to work together in a new way without the help of mom’s placenta. Sometimes, newborns have difficulty making the transition into the world and need a little more help. Dr Koekemoer is extremely skilled in neonatal and newborn care, specialising in care for the critically ill in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Your paediatrician is there to help you and baby adjust after birth, so Dr Koekemoer will be able to answer all your questions related to caring for your newborn, conduct an postnatal assessment of your baby, as well as discuss the developmental stages with you and what you can keep an eye out for.


Your paediatrician is present during and after the birth of your baby to do a comprehensive check of your baby’s health and make sure there are no areas which may need special attention. Once born, your paediatrician will do a complete physical exam that includes each and every part of your baby’s body by performing a range of tests including checking of vitals such as temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and skin colour, Apgar scoring, as well as measuring birth weight and other lengths and diameters. Your paediatrician will continue to do these tests and routine newborn checks for the next few days to monitor and identify any problems that may occur.

It can be arranged that Dr Koekemoer be your newborn’s paediatrician from day one, unless another paediatrican is assigned for the baby’s birth and hospital stay in which Dr Koekemoer can take over once your baby is discharged, or for the six-week assessment. Dr Koekemoer is only able to be present at births at Flora Hospital in Roodepoort. If Dr Koekemoer is present for the birth of your baby, he will check on all your baby’s bodily functions, make sure your baby is healthy, achieving proper transitional stages and is feeding well for the duration of your baby’s hospital stay.



1How will my baby be assessed at birth?

At birth, Dr Koekemer will perform a thorough clinical examination and respond to any concerning signs and symptoms by offering the appropriate support.

2Will I be able to take my baby home the same day?

After a Caesarian Section, mom and baby usually remain in hospital for 3 days to allow your medical team to make sure you and your baby are healthy before going home. If any complications arise, you may need to stay in the hospital for a few more days or weeks.

3What happens if my baby is ill?

If your baby is sick, they will be taken care of in the Neonatal ICU by a dedicated team, including Dr Koekemer.

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