Dr Koekemoer has in interest in paediatric gastroenterology with the experience to diagnose and treat problems of your infant or child’s digestive system. Because children and babies are growing and have unique medical needs, it is essential to see a gastroenterologist specifically trained for paediatric issues regarding the digestive system, liver or overall gut. Having a paediatrician who has a special interest in gastroenterology, you can be assured that your baby or child will be receiving the best possible care.


These consultations are for parents to discuss concerns, symptoms and ask questions or advice on their baby or child’s wellbeing. During your baby or child’s consultation with Dr Koekemoer, he will ask you questions about your child's current symptoms regarding nutrition, digestion and excretion, medical history of your child and your family and your child's current educational, social and psychological status. He will then do a comprehensive exam of your baby or child’s health. Children experiencing gastro, digestive and intestinal problems often require a range of investigations and diagnostic tests of the digestive system in order to diagnose and identify treatment options for a range of gastroenterology related issues.

To accurately diagnose gastroenterology related conditions in babies and children, tests including ultrasound or x-rays, upper gastrointestinal series, blood tests, breath tests for sugar intolerances, stool sample tests and sometimes additional testing such as an endoscopy may be needed to diagnose the condition.

Once Dr Koekemoer has completed the examination, you will also be informed on your child’s diagnosis as well as the treatment options available to best care for your child’s condition. He may also recommend additional testing or treatment depending on what he believes is the issue.


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